Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The past few months have been very busy at our house. It has also been very exciting.
In September:
First weekend: Danny and Megan were married. It was a great day.
Second weekend: Dan, Karen and Rob went to St. George for 5 days to spend with the Stanclifts and the 2 cutest little girls ever.
Third weekend: Kristi and Chase went thru the the Mt. Timpanogas Temple to be endowed. Kelie flew in from St. George on Friday night to be with Kristi and Chase. Saturday upon hearing of John's Gunthers (JR's grandfather) imminent demise, JR put the girls and Missy, their Min Pin in the car and drove to Salt Lake to spend some time with his Grandfather and tell him Goodbye. (John Gunther passed away Sept. 18th.)
Saturday evening was the annual Adams Puppy Party. It was lots of fun, but our 2 great dogs took the last 2 places. I am still upset about that. I think different categories or ratings need to be given to 7 pound miniature breeds and 120 pound dogs. Duh...is there any question which dog can eat a hot dog faster and run faster? No competition there. But it was great to have Ari and Anni there with us.
Fourth Weekend: JR's sweet granfather passed away, so the Stanclifts came to town again. It was a very busy Saturday and we were very sad we couldn't be at the funeral. It was also Kristi and Chase's 1st year anniversary, so they chose this day to be sealed in the Manti temple. Dan, Karen, Kelie, Beech and Edna drove to Manti to witness this eternal event. It was a very sweet event. After the sealing we went to the Tin Plate Pasta for lunch.
Fifth weekend: Just a quiet weekend. Kristi and Chase came and to get Dans '93 Toyota Truck. So Dan is now Truck less. Other than that - no visitors, no sharing time, only 6 for dinner on Sunday.
Now it is October: This month starts out by me starting a new job. I am now a "Curves Circuit Coach". I think it will be fun as well as motivating to keep me working out.
Next We just celebrated our 35th Anniversary on October 4th. To celebrate we went Toyota Truck shopping. Dan got a new Silver Toyota Tacoma - 4 door -short bed truck. After shopping we picked up Beech and went to a Movie and Dinner at Market street. then Dan (with the help of Megan and Danny) surprised me with a new Comforter set for our bed room, as well as curtains and wall decorations. All I can say is Dan really outdid himself this year. (Thanks Megan)

Yesterday Kristi came up and was a headband model for Megan. check out her website and see Kristi. she looks great. (so do the headbands) impactfitnesswear.com.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rain Dance

We haven't had much rain lately and our lawn is slowly dying so instead of just watering the lawn, Dan decided to do a rain dance.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Ari and Anni having fun on the slip-n-slide.